Are you one of The Forty Five?


The camp experience is an opportunity we believe every child should have. It’s at camp that we learn about God and ourselves in a way that impacts our journey of faith and our journey through life. God is revealed in the beauty of creation, and in the faces of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Campers are able to be themselves, and be loved for who they are as a reflection of Christ’s love. It’s a powerful experience and we need your help making it accessible to as many campers as possible!

Living Water Ministries is looking for forty five individuals, congregations and/or organizations that can help us meet our mission to share the gospel with all of God’s children by providing up to 150 camp scholarships to campers otherwise unable to attend.

Important Stats About Living Water Ministries:

  • Over 30% of campers in 2016 attended camp as a result of full or partial scholarships.
  • Living Water Ministries awarded 143 scholarships in 2016 from our scholarship fund totaling $49,845.00!
  • In 2016 we experienced 13% growth in our summer registrations as we reached more children with the gospel as a result of generosity from our donors.
  • Living Water Ministries is reaching a more diverse population of campers than ever before! 23% of our campers were not white in 2016.

    Donations of $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 we receive for The Forty Five will be rewarded a custom made Michigan mug made by Living Water Ministries alum Matthew Cutting, owner of MTC Pottery. Each mug is custom made and has a cross pressed in to mark the location of Living Water Ministries at Stony Lake.

    For this campaign to be successful, we are looking for specific gifts using the gift chart below. If you’d like to participate in this campaign at a higher or lower dollar amount than listed you are invited to do so. Please feel free to contact C.J. Clark, Executive Director with any inquiries about a gift you might make.

    giving chart

    Your generosity can impact the lives of well over 100 campers this summer! I invite you to consider being a donor to The Forty Five. Lives will be changed with the love of Christ as will the world!


    C.J. Clark
    Executive Director

    P.S. Don’t delay! Campers are eager to participate in our 2017 summer season and we need your help to make camp accessible to all of God’s children.


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