With God, All Things Are Possible

Imagine that you are 35 feet off the ground. You hear your friends cheering you on from below as you traverse the double tightrope on Stony Lake’s brand new high ropes course. The exhilaration you feel as you fly through each element is incredible. But I’ll let you in on a camp secret. The goal of high ropes is not for campers to complete the course. While it is a very physical task, we have high ropes here at Stony Lake to empower campers and strengthen their faith.

We honor where each camper is at physically, mentally, and spiritually by practicing “Challenge By Choice”. Challenge By Choice allows campers to have agency over their achievements, big or small, by letting them pick how much they would like to do at high ropes. For some campers, climbing halfway up the ladder and returning to the ground is an incredible feat and a real sign of their faith. High ropes teaches campers what Jesus taught his disciples long ago, “With God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

At Living Water Ministries, we emphasize that the success of the group is just as, if not more important than individual success. This means that during high ropes, the focus is on uplifting each other instead of “winning”. Our Ropes Director, BJ Lyons, reflected on this idea: “The [physical] goal is essentially a means to reach a different goal which is team building, communication, and encouragement. Basically [you learn] how to love each other and grow in faith, but together, as a team.”

To each and every donor that made the new course possible this year, your donation contributed to changing lives and the world for the better. You made it possible for campers to leave high ropes feeling more confident in him/herself or more grounded in their faith. You made it possible for them to spread their newly found confidence to their friends. You made it possible for them to take their strengthened faith and share it with others around them. And for all of those reasons and more, we thank you.