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At Living Water Ministries, we have a vision. Our vision is that God uses this ministry to create communities centered in Christ that transform lives and the world. We believe that we can change the world by sharing the gospel with other people! Each year, we experience these kinds of transformations at The Gathering in Lansing, MI from December 27th – 30th, and we need your help to spread the word far and wide about this event. We’re asking you to share this awesome event with your friends, relatives, neighboring churches, and community organizations. We’re asking you to invite other people to attend with your group so that they too might come to know the awesomeness of Jesus and the awesomeness of this faith community we call The Gathering. We believe we can host 750 participants this year with your help!

The Gathering is an event specifically for groups of High School participants accompanied by an adult leader, AND for Young Adults ages 18-25 who register as individuals.

You might be wondering to yourself, “How do I share this with other people?” It’s okay, we’ve got some tips:

Tip 1 • Invite your friends from school.
Who doesn’t like 3 nights in a hotel hanging out with hundreds of your peers that also includes music, awesome recreation activities, service projects, and more!

Tip 2 • Invite your neighboring churches within your denomination.
Maybe your neighbors haven’t heard of The Gathering or maybe they haven’t experienced it for a very long time (it’s changed a lot). Reach out an extend an invitation to a congregation within your own denomination, share resources, and accompany them through the process of signing up and preparing for The Gathering.

Tip 3 • Invite other local youth groups.
All are welcome at The Gathering. Episcopalians, Presbyterians, United Methodists, Reformed Church in America, Moravians, and United Church of Christ folks are already in partnership with ELCA Lutherans so start there. However, you should feel free to reach out to everybody with this event.

Tip 4 • Invite youth connected to community organizations.
Sometimes communities have awesome organizations doing programming for high school youth that might be excited to participate in an event like The Gathering. After school programs, community centers, non-profits serving local communities, neighborhood organizations, etc. may all be very interested in new opportunities.

Here are some resources you can share as you invite others:
Download a Flyer
Share The Gathering YouTube Video

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