Love & Courage Centered in Christ

We’re living in divisive times.

I’m particularly troubled by all the fear, hate, and violence unfolding in our world because I believe in Jesus Christ who tells us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Christ pushes us even further by telling us we also need to love our enemies, and he repeats time and time again that we should also not be afraid.

These are mantras, straight from the mouth of Christ, that I remind myself of daily in the face of the madness in today’s world.

“Love your neighbors.” “Love your enemies.” “Don’t be afraid.”

I’m given hope that the madness will not win the day because Living Water Ministries curates beautiful communities through our summer programs at Stony Lake. These programs provide us the opportunity to witness first hand what it looks like when people can live in a space for a week centered in love and free of fear.

It’s nothing short of world-changing.

Every week of camp creates an opportunity for people to live in a community where they are loved and they love others. Every week of camp creates an opportunity for people to defeat their fears. Every week of camp creates an opportunity for people to overcome a stereotype they held about someone else.

Our award winning Bridge Builders program is a great example of a week of camp where my hope is restored. Through Bridge Builders, high school youth convene from all over the country to engage a week of leadership development and anti-racism training as an expression of faith. Bridge Builders is a powerful expression of our mission and vision, which calls us to serve all of God’s children, transform lives, and transform the world.

We need your help to keep communities like Bridge Builders accessible to all of God’s children. We need your help curating spaces where people learn to see each other again, love each other again, and exist without fear. We need your help so that we can be a more powerful force for changing the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

From now through November 28th, 2017 you have an opportunity to support the work of Living Water Ministries and, in turn, receive an exclusive gift. For donations of $50 – $149 you will receive a “Be a leader. Fight racism.” t-shirt typically reserved for Bridge Builder participants. For donations of $150 or more you will receive a “Be a leader. Fight racism.” hoodie.

Download a style sheet showing your t-shirt and hoodie choices.

To make a gift please choose the “Donate Today” button below. You can also send a check made payable to Living Water Ministries at 7898 W. Stony Lake Rd, New Era, MI 49446. Please select the size and color from those shown for your t-shirt and/or hoodie and include them in your correspondence to us. If donating on-line, please e-mail us at with your size and color selections after you’ve made your donation.

If you find yourself struggling with the divisiveness in our world today, I urge you to consider supporting the work of Living Water Ministries. Through our programs we are battling the fear, hate, and violence with love and courage centered in Christ.

Thank you for being part of bringing hope in a troubling world.


C.J. Clark
Executive Director
Living Water Ministries

P.S. Don’t waste time! Make your gift by midnight on November 28th, 2017 to get your exclusive t-shirt or hoodie! Orders for apparel will be placed once this promotion has ended and delivery will occur prior to Christmas.