Charge Speaker


Our Speaker

Typically AGAPE* (Dave Scherer) has graced the stage with his musical talent. While we will certainly experience all of AGAPE’s gifts during the Junior High Charge, he will focus his talents as our speaker in 2017!

AGAPE* (Dave Scherer) has inspired youth from Brooklyn to Bosnia with his relational ministry “Hip Hop Outreach.” ( Combining rapping, dancing, storytelling and his fluency in Spanish, this Minneapolis-bred music minister connects with his listeners in a way that they really “get it”. In recent years, AGAPE* has worked with critically-acclaimed producer Ant (Atmosphere, Brother Ali) and grammy-award winning Billy Steele. On his recent CD “Enough”, AGAPE* works with a full band and a gospel choir to help his creativity come to life. While AGAPE* loves performing in football stadiums, his main gig is rocking church basements and youth gatherings. Dave is also the coordinator for contextual education at Luther Seminary. He would love to help old ladies in your church throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care. Have your people call his people.