Day Camp


Day Camp | $2,500 (flat fee)
For youth ages 5-12
$900 non-refundable deposit required to secure a Day Camp team


Day Camp is an opportunity for you to bring the spirit of camp to your congregation and community for a week during the summer! By providing this week long experience for young children from your church and community, you provide a safe environment for families to engage the gospel daily in ways that are fun, educational, and transformative.

An energetic staff of young adults, trained by Living Water Ministries, delivers a fun, community-centered program focused on sharing God’s love and forgiveness to your congregation. Living Water Ministries will collaborate with your congregation to tailor the experience to your needs. We will coordinate with you to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

We will provide all supplies and programming for Bible study, arts and crafts, recreation, music, worship, nature activities and other special activities. Congregations provide host families and meals for staff, extra volunteers as needed, and on the ground support.

Here’s a sample of the schedule we will develop in cooperation with your congregation:
8:30am     Living Water Ministries Staff Arrives
9:00am     Campers arrive (Singing and games during arrival)
9:15am     Morning Devotions
9:45am     Activity Period #1
10:15am   Activity Period #2
10:45am   Snack
11:00am   Activity Period #3
11:30am   Activity Period #4
12:00pm   Lunch
1:00pm     Activity Period #5
1:20pm Large Group Games or Special Activities
2:45pm     Closing Devotions
3:00pm     Departure
3:15pm     Debriefing by Living Water Ministries Day Camp Staff

Day Camps are generally held Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and offer a wonderful way to reach out to new young people and families in your community as well as encourage children in your own congregation to grow deeper in their faith during the summer. Many congregations also use day camps as an opportunity for older youth in their congregation to gain leadership experience as volunteer junior counselors, assisting alongside Living Water Ministries staff.

Please contact our registrar at or 231-861-4138 with any questions.

Helpful forms for communities hosting Day Camps