Love & Courage Centered in Christ

We’re living in divisive times. I’m particularly troubled by all the fear, hate, and violence unfolding in our world because I believe in Jesus Christ who tells us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Christ pushes us even further by telling us we also need to love our enemies, and he repeats time and time again that we should also not be afraid. These are mantras, straight from the mouth of Christ, that I remind myself of daily in the face of the madness in today’s world. “Love your neighbors.” “Love your enemies.” “Don’t be afraid.” I’m given hope that Continue Reading →

Share the Love! At Living Water Ministries, we have a vision. Our vision is that God uses this ministry to create communities centered in Christ that transform lives and the world. We believe that we can change the world by sharing the gospel with other people! Each year, we experience these kinds of transformations at The Gathering in Lansing, MI from December 27th – 30th, and we need your help to spread the word far and wide about this event. We’re asking you to share this awesome event with your friends, relatives, neighboring churches, and community organizations. We’re asking you Continue Reading →

Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord

Our Marketing Intern, Elspeth Muzzin, has concluded her internship for the summer. In her final blog post below she highlights the value of our Road Trip Adventures program. Road Trip is our approach to mission trips that we offer each summer in Chicago and Detroit. As we wrap up the summer, we mustn’t forget the incredible mission work done by our Road Trip Chicago and Detroit participants. From urban gardening to cleaning up illegal tire waste, these junior and senior high schoolers spent a week of their summer doing the Lord’s work. They worked, prayed, and toured the city together Continue Reading →

Peace For The Journey

I have a lot of trouble with transitions. Whether it’s packing for a trip or preparing myself to go back to school, I often get overwhelmed with the uncertainty about what comes next. This week we are hosting 60 kids in the foster care system. These kids come to us with the weight of living with constant uncertainties, some of which are life changing. We know that what we do at Living Water Ministries can’t fully take away that uncertainty, but we can allow these kids to check it at the door for a week to enjoy gaga ball, canoeing, Continue Reading →