Thy Kingdom Come

Disclaimer: I am a white dude drenched in privilege. While I seek to offer some thoughts on the issues of racism, my words and perspectives are no doubt tainted by my whiteness. I am NO authority on this issue. Just a person with a stirred spirit. I am complicit in a system that has been built in favor of one race over others. This certainly inspires a feeling of guilt or shame, but more importantly it ignites a fire of responsibility within my spirit. A responsibility not only to make a statement, but to continue to commit action against the Continue Reading →

A Time for Mission and Mourning

Bringing together all of God’s children to experience Christian community, grow in faith, develop leadership skills, and serve others. -Living Water Ministries Mission Statement Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I write this letter with a spirit on fire for the mission we share, and also with a heavy heart as I assemble these words for your review. Many of you have been aware of the challenges facing Living Water Ministries (LWM), as we have been wrestling with a trend of declining camper registrations for over a decade. Since 2005, summer camp enrollment has declined by 40%. We are not Continue Reading →

Scarcity Can Breed Fear, or Boldness

I’m inspired by the Parable of the Great Feast found in the Gospel of Luke. For those not familiar, there is a man who prepares his home for a feast. All the arrangements have been made for the expected guests. When it came time for the feast to take place, the invited guests did not show up. The host tells his servant to go out into the streets and invite everybody they could find (especially those looked down upon). They did, and a great feast was had by all. I love this story because as Executive Director of Living Water Continue Reading →

Welcoming Lori Pranger to the LWM Team

Living Water Ministries is excited to announce the addition of Lori Pranger to our team! Lori will begin employment with Living Water Ministries August 25th, 2014 as Administrator & Registrar. Lori was born in Mansfield, OH and moved to Michigan after she was discharged from the U.S. Army, where she was stationed in Wildflecken, Germany. She’s lived in Western Michigan since 1990, and has truly grown to consider it home. Lori is married to her best friend, Chad Pranger, and they have recently celebrated their third anniversary. She has an affinity for Saint Bernards, and has a six month old Continue Reading →

On Ferguson

We wanted to join the voices and prayers for peace and justice in Ferguson, MO after the shooting of Michael Brown by police and the subsequent protests and violence. We often talk about camp as a “thin place” where the barrier between our everyday experience and the presence of God is a bit easier to break through. The implication is that there is something about our everyday lives, or of the fact of sin in our lives, that makes God hard to see most of the time. The events in Ferguson, MO have revealed a reality of a different sort. Continue Reading →