Family Camp at Michi-Lu-Ca, June 15-21

We just can’t shake the severity of this winter! It seems that the number of snow days this school year has caused a lot of schools to extend their school year into the beginning of our camping season. Because of low registrations our first week of camp we have decided to close it off as normal camp and try something different. We’ve decided to take this week as an opportunity to offer Family Camp at Michi-Lu-Ca! A lot of people have asked for a week of family camp that takes place during our summer camping season. With enough interested we Continue Reading →

Get Real: Finding Your True Self in Jesus

This summer our summer program is based on InsideOut Faith’s camp curriculum, Get Real: Finding Your True Self in Jesus. InsideOut’s curriculum is developed annually by an ecumenical team of the National Council of Churches and used by many camps throughout the country. Some of the daily themes we have chosen include “Who do you say that I am?,” “Jesus is Friend,” “Jesus is Savior,” and “The Real Thing.” We really like this curriculum for it’s use of Biblical stories as a teaching tool and many of the creative activities. We use the curriculum as a starting place and a Continue Reading →

2014 Summer Programs: Rock n’ Roll Camp

2014 Summer ProgramsRock n’ Roll Camp The summer camping season is almost upon us! We are hard at work hiring staff, putting the program together and making all arrangements to have another great summer at Michi-Lu-Ca, Stony Lake, Day Camp and on Service Trips to Chicago and Detroit! One of the most unique programs of the summer is Rock n’ Roll Camp. By the end of 5 days campers will have formed bands, written about 10 songs, recorded a couple of them, and performed on stage in public! The connection campers experience this week is built on shared creativity and Continue Reading →

Changing the Game

Going to camp as a highschooler changes everything. You’re not there because a parent or pastor told you, you’re there because its a week to be yourself, connect with old and new friends, and… rock your face off? In 2005 a bunch of leaders on staff, including myself, were given free reign to re-invent camp, and do it in such an outrageous way that it would be a game changer for the youth who came. I persuaded a bunch of local rockstars to join my cause and a new week of camp was born. That first year of Rock & Continue Reading →

Road Trip Adventures and Hurricane Sandy Response Efforts

While we of course realize the need in the aftermath of the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy it’s important to respond in a way that will be helpful and supportive to those impacted. Initially the needs after a natural disaster are specific to infrastructure and skilled trades. Following that work will be years of opportunities for volunteer teams to serve our neighbors on the East coast. We look forward to exploring those opportunities as they present themselves. Our 2013 schedule of locations will remain unchanged, but check back in the future for options in 2014 and beyond.