Are you up for The Challenge?

“I feel like I can go out into the world and make a change because of my faith.” -2016 Camper Campers are being equipped, empowered and encouraged to make a difference in their church and community. Children attending summer programs at Living Water Ministries are having experiences of faith that are forming them into servant leaders, and community builders. In the nurturing environment of camp, children are given opportunities to discover their gifts, overcome challenges, and trust in God. Campers also come to understand that they are loved by God unconditionally, and they learn to love others in the same Continue Reading →

All of God’s Children

In every week of camp, we are witness to the joy that campers feel being at camp. When campers are here, we try to teach them the importance of lifting each other up, as children of God. It’s important to us that campers know that they are accepted here, and to also know that they belong here. One week of our summer we welcome adults with developmental disabilities for our program called “Abundant Life”. In partnership with the organization Angel’s Place, we were able to host 41 campers this year. There are no campers who are more excited to be Continue Reading →

Bringing Communities Together

The Day Camp program provides us with a unique opportunity to form Christ-centered community out in the world. Our staff is invited into congregations that are already a part of a larger community, and then they are able to form connections with people who live and work in that community. For this reason, we see our day camp teams as missionaries. Every week, they travel to a new place to do ministry out in the world. We know that various obstacles keep kids from coming to camp. As Living Water Ministries is committed to “Bringing together ALL of God’s children”, Continue Reading →

Tending the Garden

During the course of the summer, Living Water Ministries offers many programs, one of which is Road Trip Adventures. This past week, we were able to travel to Chicago with 26 youth for a week of fun and service in the city. Road Trip allows us to go out into the world to serve. It also provides examples of how Jesus works through people in a broken world. As we moved through the week doing a series of service projects, we spent time in areas that were not manicured for tourists. At first, it was observable that the kids were Continue Reading →