Annual Fund gifts create a supportive foundation for non-profit organizations like Living Water Ministries and for us, are crucial to carry out the important daily work in our ministry.  Annual Fund gifts or general gifts, support the operations and mission of Living Water Ministries, and help offset things like seasonal staff training expenses, program development, accreditation fees, utilities, facility upkeep, broad band internet, insurance costs, and marketing expenses.  While these expenses may seem mundane, they make some of the most important things “happen” in our ministry.  Our Annual Fund not only provides foundational support for all we do, but it also provides us with stability so we can creatively look to the future and dream of ways we can continue to welcome all of God’s children to form faith, learn to lead and serve, and experience the love of Christ found in community with others.

Living Water Ministries has three channels which bolster our Annual Fund.  We invite you to learn more about these channels below and to walk alongside us by extending your generosity to help us in our efforts to provide a place apart that is safe, loving, accepting, and nurturing for hundreds and hundreds of campers for years and years to come!

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Where Needed Most

The Where Needed Most campaign is a standing campaign that provides life-giving support through Living Water Ministries Annual Fund. Your gift will be used where it is needed most in the support of the operations and mission of Living Water Ministries. Your undesignated gift is a powerful one that provides for the daily needs of Living Water Ministries while also creating the ability to dream and innovate from a position of stability.


Restoring Joy

Without question, the work God is doing at Living Water Ministries is about sharing joy.  Specifically, the type of the joy that comes with knowing that we are redeemed and restored through the promise of new life we receive in Jesus Christ.

As Living Water Ministries moves into 2023, we do so with a renewed and intentional focus on restoring joy in the lives of all who engage our programs.  Through this joy-filled endeavor, we hope to strengthen and enhance our approach to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible place apart that encourages participants to live differently as they share and experience a love for God and neighbor.

A gift to our Restoring Joy campaign is an investment in the future of Living Water Ministries and the work God continues to do through the experiences of faith, service, leadership, and community we curate.


The Stream

The Stream is a community of recurring givers who care deeply about Living Water Ministries’ vision of creating communities centered in Christ to transform lives and the world. Your recurring gift, which can be given weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly, will strengthen and stabilize our Annual Fund and provide sustaining support to Living Water Ministries.

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Annual Fund Gifts Make a Difference

Gifts to the annual fund support the operations of Living Water Ministries so that we can focus our attention fully on our mission of bringing together all of God’s children for experiences of faith formation, service, leadership, and community. Donations of any amount contribute to offsetting essential expenses, provide sustainability, and facilitate success.

Offsets the cost of one summer staff position.

Offsets the cost of food for one week of camp.

Offsets the annual cost of licensing and accreditation fees.

Offsets the annual cost of continuing education for year round staff.

Offsets the annual cost of our camp management system.

Offsets the annual cost of summer program supplies.

Offsets the annual cost of stocking our camp store.

Offsets the annual cost of fuel for our camp vehicles.

Offsets the annual cost of utilities.

Offsets the annual cost of marketing and communications.

Offsets the annual cost related to one of our hotel-based programs.

Offsets the annual cost property and liability insurance.

Donation Methods

Giving on-line is an immediate and efficient way for you to provide support to Living Water Ministries. Donations can be made one-time or set up to occur automatically at regular intervals. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
Sending a check is a great way to give to Living Water Ministries and saves us credit card fees.  Mail your gift to:
Living Water Ministries
7898 W Stony Lake Rd
New Era, MI 49446
Call the camp office to speak to us in person and make a credit card donation over the phone. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.