The first wave of Generation Z exists today and many of the children in this generation simply don’t have a grasp on who Jesus is and why he is relevant in their everyday lives. Charge is an event that attempts to bridge this gap by providing a powerful faith community where students grades 6-12 can grow in faith, engage in service, and develop leadership skills; all while enjoying the amenities of Great Wolf Lodge. Participants at Charge are equipped and empowered to learn, lead, laugh, and love as an expression of their faith in Jesus. It is our hope that participants depart energized to transform the world in the name of Christ!  Worship, small groups, congregational time, skill shops, recreation options, and an outdoor campfire campstyle are all elements of this powerful gathering of community!

Registration is Open!

Group Registration Required

Charge is an event designed for students grades 6-12 who are registered with a group accompanied by adults.  Often this is in the form of a church group with adult leaders from the congregation, however it can also be adults/parents bringing a group of grade appropriate participants (i.e. a group that includes friends and family attending with an adult).

Registration Costs

Charge utilizes a split fee registration process. Groups will pay a per-person participant fee to Living Water Ministries when they register and then independently and directly book their hotel rooms with Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.  Groups must assign an adult name to each room being booked. Living Water Ministries will not be assigning housing and each group is responsible for securing housing by booking directly with Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City by contacting them at (231) 941-3600. A group code for Great Wolf Lodge will be provided once your group is registered with Living Water Ministries.  Living Water Ministries will be happy to connect groups looking to collaborate with other groups to maximize their housing.

Registration Tips

For adult leaders registering groups of youth, you’ll need to collect the following details for each participant before you begin entering information into our registration system.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Grade
  • Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail


Worship is at the center of how we build community during the Charge. Each worship experience is uniquely crafted to provide leadership opportunities for participants, tie into our theme, and create space where we grow together in faith. Daniel Kirschbaum, the ELCA’s Senior Director for Young Adult Communities,  is our speaker who will weave a common narrative connected to our curriculum through each worship as well.

Community & Service

Charge emphasizes community.  Students who attend Charge will be encouraged to build community with one another while also learning to serve in the community.  Intentional activities that emphasize teamwork and collaboration are utilized, as well as opportunities to engage service.

Water Park

Lodging at Great Wolf Lodge comes with access to the water park.  For participants that may need to stay in overflow housing at a hotel property arranged by Living Water Ministries, water park passes are also made available.  Water park access is available from the time of check-in on Friday until the end of business for Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday.  Groups are invited to stay as long as they like in the water park after our event concludes.  During the event, an intentional block of time will also be allocated for enjoyment of the water park by all Charge participants.

Packing Basics

Bibles (a must), pen or pencil, forms, clothes, toiletries, swimsuits, coolers (for food), food or money for eating out, games for congregational time, clothing appropriate for a potentially messy game, and a willingness to grow in faith and have fun!