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An Event for Students Grades 6-12

To provide the most mission-focused event possible, Living Water Ministries has consolidated The Great Lakes Gathering (traditionally for students grades 9-12) and Charge (traditionally for students grades 6-8) into a single event.  2022 was our first hybrid (high school and middle school) Charge and it was a phenomenal event! By combining our efforts into one event, we believe we can better meet the ever-changing youth ministry needs of the congregations we serve as we develop leaders, practice service, bring together community, and grow in faith.  Join us November 8-10, 2024 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI for our next Charge event!

Group Registration Required

Charge is an event designed for students grades 6-12 who are registered with a group accompanied by adults.  Often this is in the form of a church group with adult leaders from the congregation, however it can also be adults/parents bringing a group of grade appropriate participants (i.e. a group that includes friends and family attending with an adult).