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Living Water Ministries understands that societal norms, and expectations of the camping experience are changing.  In light of the reality where rustic camping does not hold a wide appeal, and where privacy, comfort and safety of children are of paramount importance to parents, guardians and campers, Living Water Ministries is embarking on a multi-year plan to improve overall facilities.

This facility renewal begins with the building of the first of two state-of-the-art modern duplex style cabin facilities complete with a central meeting space and kitchenette, restrooms designed with privacy in mind, and floor to ceiling private shower stalls.  The space will be welcoming, inclusive, comfortable and safe, providing a place at the table for everyone.  Cabin construction is anticipated to begin at the conclusion of the 2021 camp season and be complete just before the 2022 camp season begins.

Please partner with us and give generously to this campaign.  Your gift will help make this renewal project a reality and will create a place at the table for all of God’s children.