This is What the Kingdom of God Looks Like

A little over two years ago, Pastor Yehiel Curry of Rescue, Release, Restore applied for and received a grant from the ELCA — and the vision of MYLA (Multicultural Youth Leadership Academy) came into being. But this was not a solo endeavor. Rescue, Release, Restore partnered with Living Water Ministries and ELCA Glocal to shape MYLA camp together. When the combined efforts and gifts of each organization came together, MYLA was born. Coincidentally, this partnership is analogous of MYLA’s baseline essence– learning about, growing from, and celebrating each other’s unique qualities. Based in Chicago, Rescue, Release, Restore is best known Continue Reading →

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“She’s wonderful,” exclaimed Mary Anne to a fellow Abundant Life camper as I served them slices of cheese for their sandwiches. The response to the question, “What is Abundant Life week all about?” is almost always, “It’s one of the happiest weeks at camp”. Before I experienced Abundant Life week for myself last year, I had always wondered what made this program so special. Now I understand that what sets this week apart from the rest are the little joys the Abundant Life campers bring to us, like Mary Anne, who will forthrightly tell you when she thinks you are Continue Reading →

Slowly Changing the World

My grandmother suffered from dementia in her final years. At the time, the best place for her was the memory care wing of an assisted living center. She was a strong willed woman with a deeply rooted faith. I remember, despite her failing memory, my grandmother would hear a church hymn and would hum along almost instantaneously. She could also mouth the words to the Lord’s Prayer up until the very end. While my grandmother’s mind was clouded with so many uncertainties, Jesus’ grace and love was something she held on to tightly, with the help of loved ones and Continue Reading →

With God, All Things Are Possible

Imagine that you are 35 feet off the ground. You hear your friends cheering you on from below as you traverse the double tightrope on Stony Lake’s brand new high ropes course. The exhilaration you feel as you fly through each element is incredible. But I’ll let you in on a camp secret. The goal of high ropes is not for campers to complete the course. While it is a very physical task, we have high ropes here at Stony Lake to empower campers and strengthen their faith. We honor where each camper is at physically, mentally, and spiritually by Continue Reading →

God, the Creator

As a former camper at Michi-Lu-Ca, I fondly remember playing a game called “Camouflage”. This hide-and-seek style game involved running into the woods in attempt to hide or camouflage oneself from the seeker. I remember experiencing this incredible sense of peace as I crouched behind a mossy tree and the only sound I could hear was the rustling of leaves. In terms of God’s creation, I felt like I had been plunged into the real deal. Looking back, being fully immersed in nature while also being in a camp where I felt fully immersed in Jesus’ love was very formative Continue Reading →