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At Living Water Ministries we believe every child should have a summer camping experience that provides them with a safe environment to explore their faith, and make new friends. It is also our goal to provide you with options to choose from in a straight forward, convenient manner. From our pricing structure to our registration process, we want your experience to be as simplified as possible.

Quick Links for Registration Information & Tips:

For Summer Camp Registration
For Group Holds
For Adult Leader Registration
For Day Camp Registration
For Foster Care Camp, Abundant Life Program, or Day Camp
For Our Cancellation Policy
Packing List for Stony Lake

Summer Camp Registration

Parents are able to fill out all the forms required for camp (application, waivers, medical forms, etc), and make payments from the comfort of their own home without wasting paper! We’re very pleased to be provide this registration system that simplifies the registration process and allows us to manage all your campers paperwork in a central location.

On-line registration and forms is the safest and most efficient way to enter your child’s information because it is easily accessible to staff when needed.

Parents Create Accounts

Parents/guardians are required to sign up their children. They will be prompted to enter basic information about themselves and create a username (their e-mail address) and password that is specific to their family. It will be important for them to remember their password as they will need to log back in to complete their subsequent health forms, waivers, etc.

Individual Registrations Welcome!

Campers attending as individuals are welcome to apply & attend summer programs with Living Water Ministries. Families need not be connected to a congregation to take advantage of our faith formative programs rooted in service, leadership, and community!

When Registering As Part of a Group

For campers registering as a church group, there will be a drop down menu to select the specific congregation with which they are connected. If your congregation or group is not listed in the drop-down menu please list your group name in the “other” field. Parents will need to select the accurate church from the drop down list for us to track their registration with a specific congregation.

Group Registration FAQ

IMPORTANT! If you are registering your child with a church or group, please also enter the name of the adult leader accompanying your child to camp when prompted.


Deposit payments are non-refundable and must be made to secure the $35 deposit for registrations received prior to March 15th. Remaining balances are due May 31st.

Congregations making payments (or portions of payments) on behalf of their group may do so via check or credit card through our registrar at or 231-861-4138. Allocation of church payments will be made as specified by the congregation for campers registering from their church. Please provide detailed instructions regarding how your payment should be applied or encourage your congregation to participate in our new Group Holds feature.

Scholarships Available! For information regarding available scholarships from Living Water Ministries please contact our office via e-mail or phone at 231-861-4138.


We have greatly reduced the burden of forms in our new camp management system. There are no longer any forms to print out and return to us. Every form can be completed on-line during your initial registration! If you don’t have the necessary information to complete these forms when you register you may login to the account you created and complete them at another time. However, your registration will not be complete until all forms have been submitted. The forms we require are mandated as best practices and required for licensing by the State of Michigan and the American Camp Association.

For the smoothest check-in experience on your child’s day of arrival to camp, filling out the forms as instructed through your parent login is the most efficient solution. Please complete your child’s forms prior to 2 weeks from their date of arrival.

IMPORTANT! Incomplete or missing forms may hinder your child’s camp experience. Please complete forms in a timely fashion.

Required forms are listed below. If you experience difficulty in accessing forms through your parent login, or completing electronic registration; please call or e-mail our registrar at 231-861-4138 or

  • Camper Profile Sheet
  • Liability and Communications Waiver and Camper Covenant
  • High Ropes Waiver
  • Medical Information Form

Group Holds Information

Congregations or groups can now take advantage of our new group hold feature. The adult leader rallying your group to attend can complete our Group Hold Worksheet to request holds be made on the desired week of camp on behalf of the congregation. Once the Group Hold Worksheet has been submitted, we will send you a Group Code that each family will enter when they register. This will allow us to tie your group together in a way that simplifies the payment process and allows you greater access to who from your group has registered. Please call or e-mail our registrar at 231-861-4138 or office@elcalivingwater.comto learn more about Group Holds.

Adult Leader Registration

For congregations registering campers as a group, each adult leader must also register on-line and pay a $100.00 fee. The cost for adult leaders registering for Road Trip Adventures is the same rate for youth and adults.

Signing Up as an Adult Leader On-line

Adult leaders will create a parent login account and fill out a camper application with their own information. This is going to feel a little awkward as the application is tailored to campers and we’re asking you to use it to register yourself.

Important things to input when you are registering yourself as an adult leader:

  • Your correct birth date.
  • Your camp grade is “Graduate” (this is important)
  • The program you are signing up for is “Adult Leader” and should show on the camp week you are signing up to attend.
  • Your $100 fee does not require a deposit (please select check if you aren’t ready to pay the fee) and is not eligible for the $35 discount. Please pay your $100 fee by May 31st.
  • Requiring adult leaders to register in this way will keep them in the loop on camper communications as we approach the summer.

Forms for Adult Leaders

Once registered, adult leaders will have access to required forms through their login account. All forms are able to be completed electronically, however we will still need you to provide a copy of your driver’s license to us for the DHS Central Registry process. You may do so by taking a picture of it with your phone and e-mailing it to our registrar. Forms for adult leaders include:

  • Camper Profile Sheet
  • Liability and Communications Waiver and Camper Covenant
  • High Ropes Waiver
  • Medical Information Form
  • Adult Screening Authorization
  • Adult Volunteer Reference Form

The State of Michigan and the American Camp Association require screening and clearance forms for all adults (non-campers) age 18 or older that are on-site during youth programs. The Screening Authorization and DHS Central Registry Clearance Form must be completed (including a copy of your driver’s license) 2 weeks prior to your week of camp. Failure to complete these forms by the deadline may result in your inability to attend programs as they are state mandated and push us out of compliance when incomplete.

Please contact our office at (231) 861-4138 or with any questions regarding this registration process.

Day Camp Registration

Day Camps are generally held Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and offer a wonderful way to reach out to new young people and families in your community as well as encourage children in your own congregation to grow deeper in their faith during the summer. Many congregations also use day camps as an opportunity for older youth in their congregation to gain leadership experience as volunteer junior counselors, assisting alongside Living Water Ministries staff.

Visit our Day Camp page to learn more about this program and how to register!

Foster Care Program, Wayne County Shelter Program, and Abundant Life

For our Foster Care Program, Wayne County Shelter, or Abundant Life Program please contact our office at 231-861-4138 or

Cancellation Policy

When you register, both you (and/or your group) and Living Water Ministries make commitments to each other. In turn, Living Water Ministries makes commitments to vendors (food service, staffing, etc.). As a result, deposits are non-refundable. For programming that does not require a deposit to complete registration, the entirety of the registration fee will be non-refundable (example: The Gathering, Kingdom Detroit, etc). The entirety of the registration fee for summer programs will not be refunded if cancellation occurs within a month of the expected arrival date. Exceptions to this policy in the event of illness or death are listed below under “When Are Refunds Provided?”

Are Fees Transferrable?

Deposits and fees are transferrable on a case by case basis. It is preferable if you can replace the person(s) cancelling their registration.

When Are Refunds Provided?

Partial Refunds – All fees excluding the non-refundable deposit (if applicable) may be returned up to 1 month prior to camp attendance. Within 1 month of camp attendance, all payments become non-refundable.

Full Refunds – All fees including the non-refundable deposit (if applicable) may be returned in the instances of illness afflicting the camper or a death in the immediate family. Immediate family is defined as spouse, parent, child, brother or sister, spouse’s parent, child, brother or sister, grandparent and grandchild. In the instance of illness, written documentation from a physician must be provided to receive a full refund.