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View the 2024 Fundraising Overview video which includes all you need to know about fundraising this year! If after watching you have questions, please reach out to Beth at 586.980.7766 or

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Whether you’re on Team Basecamp or one of our teams of runners, this video has information about what to expect this year as a Run the Race team member. Learn about race logistics and logistics at Stony Lake. We’re looking forward to another awesome experience of community!

Sample Fundraising Letters

A letter-writing strategy can be used to achieve some great results!   Following are sample letters that were used successfully by participants to reach their fundraising goals.  Feel free to use one as a model, or combine various elements from each for your written message.  You can handwrite the message in the blank section of the fundraising note cards, or you can send or email the letter separately.

Reach out to Beth Paulo if you would like assistance in formatting your own message!

Download Sample 1 (pdf)
Download Sample 2 (pdf)
Download Sample 3 (pdf)
Download Sample 4 (pdf)

Donor Giving Chart

One of the most useful resources you can create for your fundraising strategy is a gift range chart or donor giving chart. These charts, put together with your donor data and goals in mind, show you how many gifts you need to reach your goal.  There are multiple calculators you can find online; the following is one you may find helpful.  If you have participated in the past, don’t forget to reach out to Beth Paulo for your previous donor report/s.

Link to Sample Gift Range Calculator

Sample Donor Prospect List

As you consider who you might ask and how much you might ask them for, please view this sample list to show how you might pull these names and figures together in your context.  Also, don’t forget to reach out to Beth Paulo for your previous donor report/s if you have participated prior!

Download (Word)
Download (Excel)

Organizing and Tracking

Download this Excel file and discover a great way to help organize and track your donors.  Manage your prospect list, record gifts pledged and received, stay on top of your follow ups and more!

Download (Excel)

Corporate/Business and Church Sponsorships

Corporate/business or church sponsorships are a great way to find support for your fundraising efforts!  Please take a look at the options and benefits we’ve put together.  Feel free to download and share this information when you make a corporate or church sponsorship inquiry.

Download Corporate Sponsorship (pdf)
Download Church Sponsorship (pdf)

Sample Asks to Copy and Paste

Following are some sample text selections you can copy and paste into a text or messenger message.  Personalize for your donor and ask amount and then follow up the copied text with your direct personal page link!

  1. Hi! I’m raising money to support an awesome organization and to help make camp accessible to all who want to attend!  I’m hoping you can help me reach my $2000 goal with a $100 gift. I would be grateful and I know my friends at Living Water Ministries would be too!  Please check out my page!
  2. Hi! I’m doing this crazy thing for camp and hope you can support my efforts in reaching my fundraising goal with a gift of $50.  My actual goal is to be part of the reason why kids can experience the joy of summer camp in an affordable way.  I believe in Living Water Ministries and the work they do.  Please check out my page!
  3. Hi!  I am hoping you have the capacity and willingness to support a really cool thing I’m doing this fall!  I’ll be FILL IN and raising money to help send kids to camp – a place where kids can be kids, and where they can learn about the love of God through an awesome community!  Your gift of $100 will go a long way in making that happen and in making me reach my $2000 goal.  Please check out my page!

Fundraising Materials to Share

While we encourage as much personal contact with a donor as possible, digital images of the materials are below which you can email or text.

Information Card

Download Image (JPG)